•  Quality of service
    upported by a Quality Management Framework and related performance assessment linked to a process of continuous improvement reflecting the aspirations of our customers. 
  • Supportive
    In our relationship with clients, our employees and local community stakeholders. 
  • Collaborative
    Taking every opportunity to develop our business through collaboration with our partners and other organisations which share our business ethos. 
  • Business-Like
    We aim to be a successful and efficient business but at the same time, we will pursue a strong commitment to the wider social agenda of community regeneration.
  • Responsive
    Our business will only thrive if we are able to respond to the ever changing market needs of our clients and other stakeholders. 
  • Innovative and Motivational
    We will keep abreast of developments within the local construction industry  and be innovative in pursuing novel initiatives and solutions through highly motivated employees. 
  • Local Ownership
    As a Social Enterprise, we understand the value of community integration and local ownership and aim to generate a high level of local pride and trust in our business -without that trust our business will not flourish.
  • Model Employer
    We aim to be a model employer, encouraging employee development at every level of the company, providing a supportive, ‘open door’ management style.