The importance of the sustainability agenda has never been greater since the Climate Change Act of 2008. At Soar Build there will be concerted to positively address and respond to the three main areas identified in sustainable agendas.

Strategy, governance and risk management 
The board of directors and senior management of Soar Build are committed to a 10% minimum reduction of carbon emissions. This will involved establishing the benchmarks, the key areas for reduction and implementing processes and procedures to demonstrate Soar Build’s commitment to this target.

Soar Build will have a nominated champion to ensure effective governance at all times and the risk management of the strategy will be reviewed monthly along with other key elements of the business.

Impact on the Environment 
The main areas for review within this section of the sustainability agenda will include:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Procurement
  • Construction Waste
  • Commitment to sustainability building standards
  • Management at site level

With our supply chain partners and clients, Soar Build believe we can achieve our targets for all these areas.

Impact on Society
At Soar Build we continually demonstrate through our culture and experiences to date that our commitment to people and their development is as effective as any of our peers. The key areas reviewed as having the greatest impact on society are

  • Health & Safety
  • Employment
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Customer engagement

The highly effective means of communication that prevail within the business ensure that all the above categories are adequately addressed. From recognition at the highest strategic levels to the tool box talks at an operational level, we constantly engage with all our stakeholders and customers. This was recognized in 2009 with the award of Investors in People given to Soar Build.