People development

Equal Opportunities
Soar Build respects that all employees have a right to equal opportunity irrespective of race, ethnic or national origins, age religion, sex, disability, political beliefs or marital status.

Commitment to People
Soar Build’s goals and visions can only be met through the efforts of it’s employees. Job satisfaction requires working environments that motivate employees to be productive and innovative, providing opportunities for employee training and development to maximise personal potential and careers within the company.

The Soar Build Equal Opportunities Policy is designed to ensure that all residents of local communities in which Soar Build are working can compete on an equal basis for the limited number of available training places and is open to anyone of any age group.

Training & Development
Soar Build’s main objective is to ‘use regeneration and other investments to give local people access to real jobs and quality training in their own communities’. It’s aims are:

  •  To offer a job, not a scheme, a wage not benefits and something around which to build a life.
  • To provide real jobs and training for local people. 
  • To benefit the local economy through the earning generated. 
  • To contribute to the construction industry and create a sense of pride and ownership by carrying out it’s training in real work place situations.

Training is offered in Plastering, External wall Insulation, Painting and Tiling following which the trainees can advance to NVQ level 3 with the opportunity to  then progress into management. Once qualified there is the possibility of long term employment with Soar Build or another employer.

M.Hancock Qualified to NVQ2 in plastering, went self-employed and is now back working for SOAR Build. To assist SOAR Build arranged and paid for his van to be sign written        .
D.Vine Qualified in tiling to NVQ2 now self-employed